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From the Sea to the Land Beyond – British Sea Power [#502]

on February 16, 2016

Sea-to-the-land-beyondRegular music project visitors, British Sea Power, return today with their 2013 release, From the Sea to the Land Beyond.

The album is actually a soundtrack for Penny Woolcock’s film  From the Sea to the Land Beyond shown originally on BBC 4. The film is a showreel of archive footage from the BFI showing coastal life and activities through the ages accompanied by the unique salt encrusted rusty sound of British Sea Power.

Reworking their own material to provide haunting instrumentals, British Sea Power did an amazing job. I like to play guess the original song when listening to this album. For example Track 2 and the overarching theme throughout the album, Remarkable Diving Feat is a reworking of Waving Flags from Do You Like Rock Music 

This is by far my most favourite album/soundtrack of the decade. You could listen to this album while watching any archive cine or super 8 material and not feel it was out of place. It really works.


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