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Fur and Gold – Bat For Lashes [#506]

on February 22, 2016

FurandgoldcoverMiddle class wank mag, The Guide which is usually given away in Saturday’s Guardian, once said that Fur and Gold was the album must have for the noughties coffee table and that if you were to be taken seriously by your painfully middle class Land Rover dinner party guests you should put this album on the surround sound system and look hautily at ones guests when they contemptuously deny all knowledge of its existence. And thus the hipster was born.

I “bought” this album purely because I liked the track What’s a Girl to Do? and because I kind of had a warm tingle whenever I thought of lead singer Natasha Khan. However, the rest of the album was a disappointment so I’m glad I only “bought” this album because of course downloading music for free, pretty much like uploading music videos to Youtube, home taping and bootlegging, killed what was left of the music industry.

Which might account for the reason why nobody’s heard of the band since.


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