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Gather in the Mushrooms – Various Artists [#511]

on February 29, 2016

Gather in the mushroomsGather in the Mushrooms  is a compilation album featuring tracks by acid folk bands from 1968-1974.

As a prog fan, it is only natural that I have a penchant for music often classed as acid folk, which, one could argue, is a shared root for the mighty tree of progressive rock in the forest of alternative adult music.

This album was kindly “donated” to me by a dear ex-work colleague with whom we share similar tastes in music and interests in media and popular culture. When I saw the artist listing I was further excited to see artists such as Sallyangie (Sally Oldfield, Mike Oldfield‘s sister, with whom he began his career), Pentangle, Magnet and Spirogyra, all of whom have connection within this music project.

Hauntology at its best, Gather in the Mushrooms provides a soundtrack for a period when Canterbury was just begining to burgeon and fills the minds eye with images of green home county villages populated with beautiful long haired tie-dye be-dressed lady hippies like in some Avengers/Hammer Horror/sci-fi TV/Film that was never made. Beautiful tracks like Sandy Denny’s pre-Fairport Milk and Honey, Trader Horne’s post-Fairport Morning Way and the largely forgotten Forest’s Graveyard not only provide a powerful aural illustration for the genre but create a fitting tribute to a time that existed for a few but was appreciated by many.

This has largely become my third most favourite compilation of the past decade.


Corn Riggs Magnet


Love In Ice Crystals Sallyangie


Lyke Wake Dirge Pentangle


Graveyard Forest


Milk And Honey Sandy Denny


Morning Way Trader Horne


Buffalo Writing on the Wall


Silly Woman Bert Jansch


Liz’s Song Shelagh Macdonald
10 Lord And Master Heron
11 Old Boot Wine Spyrogyra
12 Winter Is Blue Vashti Bunyan
13 All My Friends Are Back Again Al Jones
14 Rosemary Hill Fresh Maggots
15 Love Song Lesley Duncan
16 The Family Dave Brooks
17 Queen Of The Moonlight World Andy Roberts
18 The Herald Comus



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