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Green – REM [#560]

on May 11, 2016

R.E.M._-_GreenAfter the incessant hounding of “should liking” U2 ended (I liked original Waterboys instead, never saw the appeal of U2 to be honest) the incessant hounding of “should liking” REM began.

People kept saying “OMG! REM are teh bezt” insisting that Michael Stipe and his chums were something new and exciting. Except, much like what happened with INXS, I hated them. Every song I heard was happy pop bollocks and reminded me too much of god bothering They Might Be Giants. Then James H Reeve played “Orange Crush” on his show late one night and explained the reasoning.

People would say “OMG! REM are teh bezt”. I would say “Well, I liked Orange Crush but nothing else”. People would say “I don’t understand that album” or “I didn’t like the early stuff” and so my theory that to some misguided people, bands are only as good as their popularity and notoriety was proven.

REM are still shite though.


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