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In 3-D – “Weird” Al Yankovic [#617]

on April 18, 2018

Weird_Al_Yankovic_-_In_3-DI used to like Yankovic and his humorous takes on popular music. Sadly I find that these days his lyrics are too full of American pop culture and also I’m not as clued up with popular music these days as I was in my youth.

The most recognisable spoof on this album is his 1984 parody of Michael Jackson’s Beat It but indeed, without the well-observed symbiotic visuals provided by the video, I fear a great deal of the humour is lost, especially with the passage of time. Then I suppose that’s the nature of comedy, once Keystone Cops were rib-ticklingly funny, now they’re simply smiling raising.

In 3D is Yankovic’s second studio album and the fifth in my collection of albums.


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