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Greenslade – Greenslade [#561]

Greenslade_coverDave Greenslade again, this time with his debut self titled album.

Greenslade is a progressive rock album and so there is quite a fair bit of twiddly keyboarding going on. In fact, Greenslade do for Moog and Hammond keyboards what Yes‘ Steve Howe does for guitars. However, this is a hard-core prog, a prog that only those that either experiment with certain illicit substances or those trained and lectured to Master of Prog Level 10 might fully appreciate. As I have not experimented with certain illicit substances and I am only a mere Level 6 self proclaimed Prog Master, Greenslade features in the music project purely for research purposes.

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The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists (#176)

The Best Prog Rock Album in the World...Ever - Various Artists (#176)The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists 

This is one of the last CDs I bought. A wicked compilation showcasing a massive range of prog bands covering Canterbury scene, Zappa and even the first sprouts of New Romanticism.

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#140 – Bedside Manners are Extra – Greenslade

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 13.23.39Bedside Manners are Extra – Greenslade

Proggy keyboard twiddling from Dave Greenslade et al on their second “difficult” album.

This album screams prog.The title song Bedside Manners are Extra even appears on the compilation album The Best Prog Rock Album in the World..Ever; the cover was designed by Roger Dean and there are songs longer than 3 minutes.

Not an album for Prog0phobes.

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