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Crone of War – Omnia [#325]

Crone of War - Omnia

More beardy weirdy pagan folk with hurdy-gurdys and that’s folk as in the genre.

Crone of War is not my most favourite Omnia album. It’s more of the same really: beards, hurdygurdys and fae-like guitar playing.

Perhaps after the live compilation album I was spoilt.

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#148 – Beltaine – Jennifer van der Harten

Beltaine - Jennifer van der HartenBeltaine – Jennifer van der Harten

Jennifer van der Harten is the cute hurdy gurdy playing harpist from Omnia.

Here she plucks and sings her way through several traditional folk tunes on the harp with the same grace and haunting of Ordo Equitum Solis but without the dark creepiness.

This appears to be van der Harten’s first foray into solo work and it makes an excellent aural accompaniment to  any day filled with peace, joss sticks and dyed voile curtains.

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Album # 62 – Alive – Omnia

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.38.17Alive – Omnia

Somewhere in the mists of the mind exists a world of beardy weirdies playing hurdy gurdies and singing about fauns, elvenfolk and witches.

Somewhere in my record collection, here in fact, that world is recreated in sound.

Omnia class themselves as Pagan Folk and its not difficult to hear why. This is the type of music that has clearly evolved from the unity of Goth and New Age. Or morphed out of some Emo/Tweecore/Folk fusion.

I first came across Omnia while looking for a lesser known band Omniac . I never found more than I already knew about Omniac but instead my ears were treated to harps, traditional percussion and hurdy gurdy backed tunes with bearded weirdies reciting neofolkesque lyrics. A joy to behold!

So if you’re ever thinking of holding one of those happy gatherings in your leafy glade of a living room or back garden, this is the music you will want piped through.

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