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Demo – Reverend & the Makers [#358]

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 21.02.59One of the many things I like to do, musically, is collect demo recordings of bands. I’m particularly keen when it’s someone I know in the band. This week there are several examples of this magpious behaviour.

As it happened, in about 2007, my then wife met members of a then unknown band called Reverend and the Makers. We would regularly get copies of their music as they prepared to launch themselves into the big time. Today’s album is the bands first demo recording.

I never really liked the band, as you can see from their previous appearance on the Music Project.

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Music Project – Album #28 – A French Kiss in the Chaos – Reverend and the Makers

A French Kiss in the Chaos by Reverend and the Makers

I met Jon McClure some years ago, just as his Makers were starting out in the big wide world of showbiz. His then girlfriend Laura Manuel (One of the Makers) was working with Mrs-soon-to-be-ex-Gnomepants and Gnomepants Manor would often receive demo cds of the Reverend’s new work.


Personally I thought he was a wanker.

The Mrs liked him though and went skinny dipping somewhere wild with the whole band.

Laura was ok though.

Jon was a wanker.

Anyway, historically, I liked their first album. This is their “difficult” second album. It’s shit. Don’t bother.

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