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Globe of Frogs – Robyn Hitchcock [#527]

HitcockFrogsHaving mentioned in passing that I happen to find the Robyn Hitchcock song Brenda’s Iron Sledge amusing, the person I mentioned it to foisted upon me a whole bunch of CDs of his work and told me that I “should” like them.

I should like Robyn Hitchcock. The whole “crazy” Brit thing is there and there are many similarities to and elements of Viv Stanshall, the Bonzos, HMHB, Gong and Barratt era Floyd but, I don’t know. It’s like some sort of crap tribute to all those people.

Maybe I just need to give it more of a chance.


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Black Snake Diamond Role – Robyn Hitchcock (#198)

Black Snake Diamond Role - Robyn HitchcockBlack Snake Diamond Role – Robyn Hitchcock

I’m not sure what to make of Robyn Hitchcock. I mean I should like him. Eclectic lyrics with humour, songs with silly titles and Englishness. I guess he just tries too hard.

Black Snake contains my favourite all time song containing the best lyric ever written for a song: Brenda’s Iron Sledge. (Please don’t call me Reg, It’s not my name). It’s very Half Man Half Biscuit, but not. It’s quite Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, but not. It’s the Kinks in their most psychedelic, but not. I can’t place it. Again, there are a few Hitchcock albums in this project coming from the downloading of back catalogues.

I guess you have to be there. But to illustrate I’m posting two video examples of Hitchcock’s work. Let me know what you think.


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