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Genius of America – The Tubes [#514]

The_Tubes_Genius_of_America Fee Waybill and the guys regroup and return following a ten year hiatus and departure from  Capitol Records with their first album on the Critique label.

Despite filling the years between 1986 and 1994 with The Tubes on my Walkman, I didn’t come across this album until much later. Thing is, HMV were never any good at stocking records for non-mainstream bands, even though the Tubes were fairly mainstream at the height of their career. Trips to the HMV in Church Street, Liverpool, during my youth would see me flipping through the Ts..TUs…TUB…Oh bugger..TUBEWAY ARMY…no Tubes.

“Never heard of them mate” was the mantra from the shop staff.

And yet, it seems, The Tubes were more influential than we know with some members of the band having sessioned with Chris Isaak , and with Richard “Hazard” Marx producing today’s album.

To say Genius of America takes off from where Love Bomb ended is incorrect. Stylistically, the album is Tubesesque but it’s a far cry from Remote Control and Completion Backward Principle. Indeed, it’s almost as if the band have had a style transplant during their hiatus, because unlike other bands that have split and reformed, there is a recognisable difference in sound.

I’m still waiting for it to grow on me.

Unfortunately, I am unable to back up my conjecture with my usual inclusion of a sample Youtube video for this album. It seems that the copyright police have cleared it of any of the tracks from this release. So instead, here is one of the band’s classic songs.

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Completion Backward Principle – The Tubes [#299]

The_Completion_Backward_PrincipleSometimes, on reflection and looking at things in their chronological placement, you realise that an album you like is actually more evolutionary for the band than you first thought. Completion Backward Principle is The Tubes’ sixth studio album. Again, another concept album, but this is was never evident to me until recently.

It’s evolutionary for the band because it sees them signed to Capitol records following their previous recording label, A&M, dropping them like a hot coal. It is also perhaps the pivotal album in their career as Outside Inside really starts to reflect the band’s decline which culminates in Love Bomb (1989).

My older brother recorded this onto a cassette for me. Home taping killed music. That’s why nobody has heard any new music since 1986.


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