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The Blood of My Lady – Unto Ashes (#202)

The Blood of my Lady - Unto AshesThe Blood of My Lady – Unto Ashes

Having gained an interest in the neofolk genre following the acquisition of the Looking for Europe compilation I came upon Unto Ashes via the wonders of the Aural Apocalypse podcast. I miss Aural Apocalypse.

This is the band’s sixth album and was released in 2009. Unto Ashes are one of those rare bands that actually use hurdy gurdys, dulcimers and other obscure instruments. Much like a really folky version of Dead Can Dance but with less wailing and more singing. Similar also to Brillig whose Red Coats album will feature on this project in a couple of years. So it makes sense that I would like Unto Ashes too.

This is one of the reasons I love the internet. Without the internet my music collection would still have been compiled of popular generalist stuff from visits to HMV or Virgin Mega Store. The internet helped me discovered bands that I would never have heard otherwise. A goal I hope to achieve by completing this music project. If I can, by writing this project, influence just one person to become a fan of band they would never have heard without it, I will feel accomplished.


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