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Get Behind Me Satan – The White Stripes [#515]

Get_Behind_Me_SatanLo-fi brother and sister double act Meg and Jack White’s White Stripes’ fifth studio album.

By this stage of their career, the main stream successes of previous albums such as Elephant and White Blood Cells had started to wane. Get Behind Me Satan reeks of a late night dash home to hurriedly try to recreate something that has previously taken time and care to produce.

I liked White Blood Cells  having been introduced to the band through one of Joel Veitch’s early animations on and I was fairly fond of Elephant even though Former-Mrs-Gnomepants played it to death. But something was missing by the time Get Behind Me came along. Mass production does something to quality regardless of what people say. Please don’t misunderstand me, the White Stripes quality and vibe is still there, it’s just not as honed as the previous albums. Maybe it’s the little flecks of glitter that have fallen off or maybe it’s like when an amateur athlete gets close to their goal and the cramps kick in.

Indeed, by their next album, Icky Thump, I’d given up. And so, it seems, did Meg.


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Elephant – The White Stripes [#423]

UnknownLike most albums, this album is a snapshot of a time for me.  If I think of it I remember that it is one of the last albums I had in a particular format – cassette. 

Naturally I didn’t actually buy it on cassette.  No, my best friend taped it for me (remember: home taping is killing music) and I listened to it on my Sony Walkman walking to and from work, tramping along in time to Seven Nation Army. 

Fun fact kids: It is actually my second favourite ‘get-somewhere-quickly-when-walking’ song, my favourite being Sheriff Fatman by Carter USM.

Once I upgraded to my iPod I had just that one song left and I never listened to the album any more.  Such is life.

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