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If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You – Caravan #604

Car-IfIThe thing with Canterbury scene folk music is it is as incestuous as progressive rock in that band members swap around like couples swap partners at a swingers party. Indeed, along with the band members, so also comes a very distinctive sound that pervades the music like the sort of odour that lingers inside a musty old caravan. Moreover, Canterbury scene bands blur the prog rock/folk boundaries and it is often difficult to pigeonhole your selected band into the correct genre.

When you listen to the likes of Caravan, it’s not surprising that it seems so familiar. Indeed, two of the band’s members, Richard and David Sinclair, later joined Camel. But apart from that, one can detect influences both from and to the likes of Gong, Spirogyra, Trees, Renaissance and even Greenslade. I ended up with this and three other Caravan albums following a deeper investigation of bands featured on The Best Prog Rock Album in the World…Ever compilation.

If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It All Over You is the band’s second album. Released in 1970 and features the original line up of the band – Pye Hastings, David & Richard Sinclair and Richard Coughlan. It also features a rather prog-a-licious heavily jazz-influenced 14 minute track For Richard. 


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Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd [#103]

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 08.50.13Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd

AHM is clearly a fixed point in Pink Floyd history. It shows the fledgeling dissolution of the psychedelic Post Barratt years and emergence of the Waters era.

This would be an unusual album to start with on any  aural discovery voyage of the works of Pink Floyd but it depends on what aspect of music you approach it from. The first track, Atom Heart Mother is an instrumental with accompanying brass band while the final track, the quirkily titled Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast is one of those experiments with sound which some listeners might switch off from.

I like it. I also have a limited edition Trance Remix version of this album which even better.

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