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House of Love – House of Love [#593]

The_House_of_Love_(1988).jpgLike most teenagers, I was fortunate enough to be Bez to my old school friend, Mike’s band Jean Pierre O Malley & the Gieger-Muller Tubes. I attended most practice sessions (mostly on the promise of a few pints of beer afterwards) and I accepted that they would do cover versions of songs I didn’t really know.

We did a set of two songs, the Stones’ Paint it Black and the more obscure Christine by the House of Love. We had a slight standing ovation (three people, mostly groupies) and a huge round of applause from all those present. The band then split un-acrimoniously but the strains of Christine resonated around my head for several years after.

Then, one evening, during the Great Internet Download Free-for-All of the mid-noughties I saw that the album House of Love was available for me to download. I immediately put Christine on and relived that night of proto-fame at the Bishop Eton Parish Centre Youth Talent Show 1992.

I have to say though, we were better.

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Globe of Frogs – Robyn Hitchcock [#527]

HitcockFrogsHaving mentioned in passing that I happen to find the Robyn Hitchcock song Brenda’s Iron Sledge amusing, the person I mentioned it to foisted upon me a whole bunch of CDs of his work and told me that I “should” like them.

I should like Robyn Hitchcock. The whole “crazy” Brit thing is there and there are many similarities to and elements of Viv Stanshall, the Bonzos, HMHB, Gong and Barratt era Floyd but, I don’t know. It’s like some sort of crap tribute to all those people.

Maybe I just need to give it more of a chance.


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