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Cruel Intentions – Original Soundtrack [#329]

Cruel_Intentions_SoundtrackA film about two well to do toffs, the kind of people that need a good old balaclava wearing slap in the woods, doing bad things to people lower down the socialite spectrum at their school.  Only one of the toffs falls for the lower down socialite and ends up in a pickle.

Serves him right.

Soundtrack is good though. Oh and theres a bit where Sarah Michelle Gellar snogs Selma Blair. But that’s not on the sound track. Instead there are treats from 90s bands like Blur, Aimee Mann and, of course, The Verve.

I liked the film so I downloaded the soundtrack as is my way. Like film = get soundtrack, as you will see through the progress of this music project.

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#139 – Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps

Becoming X - Sneaker Pimps Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps
There is a certain sound of the 90s. Songs and artists that just scream 1990s at the listener. Sneaker Pimps are one of those bands and their first album, Becoming X is a fine example of the sound.

Like Eels, Portishead and other bands of the time, music these artists featured regularly on contemporary dramas (This Life, Game On, X Files etc) and are still able to set the scene for any new dramas set during those times.

Becoming X is one of the first albums I managed to obtain on MP3. Deliciously haunting and wistful tunes invoking post recession memories of unemployment and youth. The embarkation of adulthood. The vague optimism of a pre-internet age full of empty post industrial promises with no foresight.


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