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#139 – Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps

on September 19, 2014

Becoming X - Sneaker Pimps Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps
There is a certain sound of the 90s. Songs and artists that just scream 1990s at the listener. Sneaker Pimps are one of those bands and their first album, Becoming X is a fine example of the sound.

Like Eels, Portishead and other bands of the time, music these artists featured regularly on contemporary dramas (This Life, Game On, X Files etc) and are still able to set the scene for any new dramas set during those times.

Becoming X is one of the first albums I managed to obtain on MP3. Deliciously haunting and wistful tunes invoking post recession memories of unemployment and youth. The embarkation of adulthood. The vague optimism of a pre-internet age full of empty post industrial promises with no foresight.



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