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Big Western Themes – Geoff Love and his Orchestra (#189)

Big Western Themes - Geoff Love and his Orchestra Big Western Themes – Geoff Love and his Orchestra 

There simply was no end to Geoff’s talents. Not only does he dominate easy listening but his use of the word BIG for all his albums just shows how massive he was in the genre. If anyone tells you that Mantovani or James Last were better. Burn them as heretics. Geoff is where it is at.

This album is a prime example as to why. As with Big Terror Movie Themes Love uses his talents to craft a singular work of outstanding beauty by utilising the whole orchestra and adding an electric guitar.  Sure, this is what he did in Big Terror Movie Themes and would go on to do in later albums but the mix here is perfect.

I’d even be as bold to say Love takes Morricone, Bernstein and Tiomkin, shoves them into a cupboard and shows them how it should be done. This album is a work of art and it is good to see that the majority of the MFP albums are now available for download from the usual music locations.

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