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Close Encounters and Other Galactic Themes – Geoff Love [#280]

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 09.52.18Close Encounters and Other Galactic Themes – Geoff Love

King of easy listening, Geoff Love returns this time with discoised versions of theme tunes from popular sci-fi television and film shows.

I guess it was the late seventies when this was released. It seems that in the late seventies producers from both TV and film were in love with the sci-fi genre to such an extent that all there seemed to be in the public domain was space themed shows.

I guess man had relatively recently landed on the moon, or in a disused hanger in Utah depending on what you want to believe, so there was some kind of “space rush” on.  In fact I’ve noticed that the gaming industry seems to be going through a similar “space rush” following the release of Braben’s reimagined Elite: Dangerous.

Love and what’s left of his “orchestra” jazz disco-up ten tunes including the themes to Blake’s Seven, Logan’s Run and Space Patrol. Love even gives the disco treatment to William’s Star Wars. This is the kind of stuff people subjected their children to in the nineteen seventies. Much in the same way as parents today subject their children to the Frozen soundtrack. It will end in tears. I promise. There will come a time when they’re grown up and they’re asking you, in a menacing voice, if you want to build a fucking snowman.

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[Big] Bond Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra (#209)

[Big] Bond Movie Themes - Geoff Love & His Orchestra[Big] Bond Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra

Ok. Well it was going to happen. Some git tagged this album with the incorrect album name thus buggering up my alphabetising of the project.

Bond Movie Themes, or BIG Bond Movie Themes sees us back in the welcoming auralscape of Geoff Love’s easy listening. The main theme gets the Love treatment along with a number of Bond theme tunes.

Not as good as Geoff’s sojourn into Westerns or Sci-fi but a notable addition to his works.


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Big Western Themes – Geoff Love and his Orchestra (#189)

Big Western Themes - Geoff Love and his Orchestra Big Western Themes – Geoff Love and his Orchestra 

There simply was no end to Geoff’s talents. Not only does he dominate easy listening but his use of the word BIG for all his albums just shows how massive he was in the genre. If anyone tells you that Mantovani or James Last were better. Burn them as heretics. Geoff is where it is at.

This album is a prime example as to why. As with Big Terror Movie Themes Love uses his talents to craft a singular work of outstanding beauty by utilising the whole orchestra and adding an electric guitar.  Sure, this is what he did in Big Terror Movie Themes and would go on to do in later albums but the mix here is perfect.

I’d even be as bold to say Love takes Morricone, Bernstein and Tiomkin, shoves them into a cupboard and shows them how it should be done. This album is a work of art and it is good to see that the majority of the MFP albums are now available for download from the usual music locations.

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Big Terror Movie Themes – Geoff Love & his Orchestra (#188)

Big Terror Movie Themes – Geoff Love Big Terror Movie Themes - Geoff Love

There was a time when movies were exciting. Not like today where everything is predictable and only watchable once. In the 1970s big movie stars were thrown together in situations that could affect any of us, air crash, earthquake or building on fire. Indeed, terror was much better handled in those days. These days, I think because we’re all subjected to terror 24/365 through our news channels, terror movies don’t have the same impact. Furthermore, I think most movie studios are living in a perpetual state of terror worried that somebody might sue their disaster film for causing offence to victims of real disasters.

Anyway, here is good old Geoff again. This time with theme tunes from disaster and terror movies. Films given the Geoff Love treatment include: Jaws, Poseidon Adventure, Towering Inferno, Psycho and the Exorcist.

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Big Big Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra (#184)

Big Big Movie Themes - Geoff Love & His OrchestraBig Big Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra

Geoff Love was the king of easy listening. Forget Mantovani. Forget James Last. Love was Royalty.

Over several years under the MFP (Music for Pleasure) label, Geoff Love released several LPs featuring orchestrated theme tunes from film and television. Some good. Some bloody awful. Big Big Movie Themes is a kind of “Best of” but actually features some reworkings of some of Love’s best arrangements. Still good stuff though.

It now appears that these golden greats from the 1970s have been rereleased as CDs and are also available on iTunes so hopefully a whole new generation can experience Easy Listening to the full.

This album features:

The James Bond Theme
The Big Country
Somewhere My Love (Dr Zhivago)
The Way We Were
A Man and a Woman
Lawrence of Arabia
The Magnificent Seven
What’ll I do (The Great Gatsby)
A Summer Place
Colonel Bogey
Love Story
Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight)

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