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In a Moment…Ghost Box – Various Artists [#619]

Unknown-1Ghost Box. The stable from where delights such as Belbury Poly, Broadcast and Focus Group hail. In a Moment…Ghost Box is a compilation of some of the most awesome hauntological music you’ll ever hear. If you’re looking to relive those summer holidays in Scarfolk or those school gatherings around the TV in a cabinet on stilted wheels, then this is what you want to listen to.

Invoking memories of a prenuclear holocaust society, crap video graphics and lots of nylon sweaters, the album is a showcase for many different bands that come under the Ghost Box label’s protective cloak. An excellent starting place for people wanting to explore music of its type.

This album is definitely a gateway album. Though probably to another dimension rather than hard drugs. I suppose that depends on your outlook on life. It is also one of the main reasons why there was a hiatus of the Music Project last year. Having obtained the compilation, I then discovered I had actually bought more albums since starting the project and they had been omitted because they didn’t show on my list. Frustrated by not having a completely alphabetical list of albums, I’ve now decided it doesn’t really matter and only a few OCD readers will be upset by the out of sequence post that will follow this but I’m sure you’ll forgive me when you hear how awesome From an Ancient Star is.


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Classical Chillout – Various Artists [#278]

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 08.20.08Classical Chillout – Various Artists

And so I am now near the end of the week of compilations. Sometimes you get a week with a nice mix of artists, other times you get a week of crap. Sorry. That’s just the way it goes.

Today we have Classical Chillout. It seems that in the late nineties/early noughties there was a massive demand for Chillout. No idea why. It wasn’t exactly a stressful time. I guess it was just people liked to chillout. Possibly with drugs. Maybe with a bath. Whatever floats your boat.

Baths usually.

Anyway, today is Classical Chillout. A nice mix of classical music and modern chillout, which, if anything, I approve of, purely for the inclusion of Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus and Fauré’s In Paradisum and Cantique de Jean Racine. Which is why it is in my collection; I was looking for songs I used to sing when I was in Bishop Eton church choir.

– Barber* Adagio For Strings 9:31
Satie* Gymnopédie No. 1 3:12
Jenkins* Adiemus 3:57
Sakamoto* Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence 4:46
Puccini* O Mio Babbino Caro 2:03
Albinoni* Adagio 5:48
Beethoven* Figlio Perduto 4:37
Pärt* Spiegel Im Spiegel 4:00
Delibes* Flower Duet (Lakmé) 3:26
Nyman* The Heart Asks Pleasure First / The Promise 3:11
Fauré* Cantique De Jean Racine 5:44
Ungar* & Mason* The Ashokan Farewell 5:06
Debussy* Clair De Lune 4:54
Allegri* Misere Mei, Deus (vv 1-4, 17-20) 5:44
Horner* My Heart Will Go On 4:19
Jeffes* Perpetuum Mobile 4:28
J. S. Bach* Concerto For Violin & Oboe In D Minor (BWV 1060 – II: Adagio) 5:52
Górecki* Symphony No. 3 ‘Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs’ (II: Lento E Largo – Tanquillissimo) (extract) 4:27
Vaughan Williams* The Lark Ascending (Opening) 6:21
Satie* Gnossienne No. 1 3:23
Reich* Nagoya Marimbas 4:51
Bruch* Violin Concerto No. 1 In G Minor (Op. 26 II: Adagio) (Opening) 4:21
Tavener* Song For Athene 6:08
Morricone* Gabriel’s Oboe 2:11
Armstrong* / Del Naja* / Vowles* / Marshall* Weather Storm 6:02
Morricone* Chi Mai 5:04
Fauré* In Paradisum 3:25
Catalani* Ebben? Ne Andrò Lontana (La Wally) 4:49
Vivaldi* Winter (The Four Seasons – II: Largo) 2:29
J. S. Bach* Piano Concerto No. 5 In F Minor (BWV 1056 – II: Largo) 3:24
Mozart* Ave Verum Corpus 3:22

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The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists (#265)

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 16.42.29The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists

Enough people must have bought The Chillout Room to warrant a second volume of chill out choons and chonging. Perhaps it’s the way that chill-out is synonymous, to me, with mental images of my contemporaries jetting off to Ibiza to get wasted in horrific nightclubs and catching some sort of STD from I think her name might have been Sharon.

Of course that is not to say I don’t like the genre. I do, it’s just that it’s tainted by the reminder that there were more confident people who were my age that went on holiday abroad in their early twenties while I ended up going camping in Wales if I was lucky.

This compilation has artists like Smoke City, Groove Armada, Talvin Singh and Moby. The usual “missed the Chillout boat” artists are there but most of the songs are forgettable. But then maybe that’s the idea…..

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Big Big Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra (#184)

Big Big Movie Themes - Geoff Love & His OrchestraBig Big Movie Themes – Geoff Love & His Orchestra

Geoff Love was the king of easy listening. Forget Mantovani. Forget James Last. Love was Royalty.

Over several years under the MFP (Music for Pleasure) label, Geoff Love released several LPs featuring orchestrated theme tunes from film and television. Some good. Some bloody awful. Big Big Movie Themes is a kind of “Best of” but actually features some reworkings of some of Love’s best arrangements. Still good stuff though.

It now appears that these golden greats from the 1970s have been rereleased as CDs and are also available on iTunes so hopefully a whole new generation can experience Easy Listening to the full.

This album features:

The James Bond Theme
The Big Country
Somewhere My Love (Dr Zhivago)
The Way We Were
A Man and a Woman
Lawrence of Arabia
The Magnificent Seven
What’ll I do (The Great Gatsby)
A Summer Place
Colonel Bogey
Love Story
Warsaw Concerto (Dangerous Moonlight)

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#165 – The Best of Era – Era

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.02.16 The Best of – Era

No. I’d never heard of them either. It seems that I must have liked one of their songs and downloaded all of their music in the hope of finding something original.

This is like a poor man’s Enigma. Lots of Gregorian Chants (Popular in the 1990s) and new age fiddle faddle. The kind of music you might hear in one of those shops that sell floaty vaginas, tofu knitting kits and yogurt weaving tools.

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#137 – Beauty – Vargo

Beauty - VargoBeauty by Vargo

Sometimes you just want to chill. Sometimes you want some nice make out music. Sometimes you want some music to make lurve to. Sometimes you want to all the above.

This is an album you probably wouldn’t want to listen to when carving up families in the back garden or for those awkward moments between genocidal massacre and slaughtering kittens. Unless of course you’re a bit strange.

Vargo, it appears, are a European chill out artist. I’ve go no idea how I ended up with this album though. Completely off the scale of my music tastes. But it’s an ok soundtrack for a bit of romantic hows yer father..

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