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Forever Faithless: Greatest Hits – Faithless [#490]

Forever_Faithless_–_The_Greatest_Hits At this point, anyone who knows me personally will no doubt be thinking “Hang on, Dance/Trip hop? Isn’t Stegzy a hairy die hard Prog fan?”. Indeed, but sometimes, with every record collection, you find a “loved genre” busting album or band.  Faithless are one of those bands.

Please don’t think I’ve gone and burnt my Yes t-shirt or thrown out my Roger Dean posters, far from it. I liked a couple of songs by Faithless. Happy cheery dance numbers with a dark and foreboding political message for the youth of the day, which, no doubt, was lost on many. I liked those songs sufficiently to try a few of Faithless’ other albums, this one and Back to Mine.

I left it there. My two favourite songs appeared on the album, Insomnia and Mass Destruction but the other songs were a little bit too beyond my cultural tastes. While similar to Massive Attack in some respects, the later dance tracks take me out of my cultural safety zone. A prime example of when getting a greatest hits album will give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll like a band’s other works too.

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Close Encounters and Other Galactic Themes – Geoff Love [#280]

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 09.52.18Close Encounters and Other Galactic Themes – Geoff Love

King of easy listening, Geoff Love returns this time with discoised versions of theme tunes from popular sci-fi television and film shows.

I guess it was the late seventies when this was released. It seems that in the late seventies producers from both TV and film were in love with the sci-fi genre to such an extent that all there seemed to be in the public domain was space themed shows.

I guess man had relatively recently landed on the moon, or in a disused hanger in Utah depending on what you want to believe, so there was some kind of “space rush” on.  In fact I’ve noticed that the gaming industry seems to be going through a similar “space rush” following the release of Braben’s reimagined Elite: Dangerous.

Love and what’s left of his “orchestra” jazz disco-up ten tunes including the themes to Blake’s Seven, Logan’s Run and Space Patrol. Love even gives the disco treatment to William’s Star Wars. This is the kind of stuff people subjected their children to in the nineteen seventies. Much in the same way as parents today subject their children to the Frozen soundtrack. It will end in tears. I promise. There will come a time when they’re grown up and they’re asking you, in a menacing voice, if you want to build a fucking snowman.

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The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists (#265)

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 16.42.29The Chillout Room Volume 2 – Various Artists

Enough people must have bought The Chillout Room to warrant a second volume of chill out choons and chonging. Perhaps it’s the way that chill-out is synonymous, to me, with mental images of my contemporaries jetting off to Ibiza to get wasted in horrific nightclubs and catching some sort of STD from I think her name might have been Sharon.

Of course that is not to say I don’t like the genre. I do, it’s just that it’s tainted by the reminder that there were more confident people who were my age that went on holiday abroad in their early twenties while I ended up going camping in Wales if I was lucky.

This compilation has artists like Smoke City, Groove Armada, Talvin Singh and Moby. The usual “missed the Chillout boat” artists are there but most of the songs are forgettable. But then maybe that’s the idea…..

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Brachiale Gewalt – Rammstein (#218)

Brachiale Gewalt - Rammstein

Brachiale Gewalt – Rammstein

Brachiale Gewalt – Rammstein

Brachiale Gewalt appears to be some remixed compilation album of Rammstein songs that is hard to come by. I had a look on Amazon. They’re out of stock.

Anyway, Rammstein. After watching David Lynch’s Lost Highway in the 1990s and being so utterly blown away, I went to get the soundtrack. On the soundtrack are two songs by German metal band Rammstein. Two songs that blow my mind in the same way that Lost Highway does. Go David Lynch!

My first purchase of music over the internet was Rammstein’s Sehnsucht which should have cost me about £20 but ended up costing me £2000 when my credit card details were used by cyber criminals to run up a massive bill on porn and other such things. Of course this was in the days when the internet was in its infancy and banks tended to think you were at fault if your card details were pinched by cyber criminals. Cheers First Direct!

So, Brachiale Gewalt by Rammstein. If you’re not a fan, I’d not bother with this album. If you’re a fan, I’d not bother with this album. If you’re one of those people that have pictures and tattoos of the band all over your house and body then great. Go for it.

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