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Era – Era [#430]

Era_Era_CoverEra are another of those bands jumping on the nu-age Enigma bandwagon complete with choral and world music overtones. Indeed, Era (or +ERA+ as they like to stylise themselves) sit nicely between Enigma and Deep Forest.
Not typically a band you’d want to listen to on repeat though. Nice for a bit of a “chill-out” session maybe, or perhaps one of those dinner parties where you intend to show off your collection of African masks and world music to bemused, easily impressed work colleagues. Or perhaps you’re looking for some music for a film set in the gritty hauntological Miami Vice  era of the eighties beset with pink neon, white linen suits and moody beach shots.

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#165 – The Best of Era – Era

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.02.16 The Best of – Era

No. I’d never heard of them either. It seems that I must have liked one of their songs and downloaded all of their music in the hope of finding something original.

This is like a poor man’s Enigma. Lots of Gregorian Chants (Popular in the 1990s) and new age fiddle faddle. The kind of music you might hear in one of those shops that sell floaty vaginas, tofu knitting kits and yogurt weaving tools.

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