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Immaculata – Ion [#614]

ImmaculadaNot one of those CDs that you might find in an incense smelling floaty vagina new age shop in Avebury or Glastonbury but not far off.

Immaculata is the second album of Duncan Patterson’s music project Ion and, if the official Ion website press blurb is to be believed, a result of visiting Greece and Ireland to study musical style. And why wouldn’t you believe that? You can clearly hear the Greecian influences, the Irish influences and also maybe a teeny bit of influence from Lisa Gerrard or Blackmore’s Night.

There are some good sounds on this album and I’m not entirely certain how it ended up in my collection, but I suspect I’ve probably got it from either a royalty-free site like Jamendo while looking for something to use in a video I was making or it was one of the last things I downloaded from Usenet.

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Buch Der Balladen – Faun (#229)

Buch Der Balladen - FaunBuch Der Balladen – Faun

If you know me well enough, you’ll know my most favourite instrument is the hurdy-gurdy. There’s something enchanting about the Hurdy-gurdy that adds that little sprinkling of the fae to any situation.  Read the rest of this entry »

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