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Buch Der Balladen – Faun (#229)

on January 17, 2015

Buch Der Balladen - FaunBuch Der Balladen – Faun

If you know me well enough, you’ll know my most favourite instrument is the hurdy-gurdy. There’s something enchanting about the Hurdy-gurdy that adds that little sprinkling of the fae to any situation. So of course it comes as no surprise that Faun, being a band of the fairy floaty vagina folk persuasion, are a band that, like Omnia, use the hurdy-gurdy in their music, giving me a reason to love them.

Faun hail from rainy Germany. I have never been to Germany, but in my imagination I see it as a very wet and rainy place full of happy people. Probably in a similar way to how some non-Brits see the UK as a rainy place where everyone moans about the rain. Faun, with their Germanic essence somehow manage to make their music sound exactly how music in the fictional era imagined by those attending “Renaissance Fayres” imagine music should sound. Mediaeval. Folk with hints of new age floaty vagina yogurt weaving tofu knitting.

In my imagination, this is the music people listen to, sing or play while walking through the Mediaeval Black Forest on their way to the bierkeller to moisten some gateaux.


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