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Buddha Bar III by Ravin – Various Artists (#230)

on January 19, 2015

Buddha Bar IIIBuddha Bar III by Ravin

Music to eat kebabs to.

Imagine being all postmillennial and second wave world music was doing the rounds. Imagine a time where you are embracing different cultures in a pre-911 world; searching out the next new sound from our global library.

That’s how this compilation album came into my possession; while looking for music to accompany a predicted rise in interest in middle eastern culture, music and food.

If you buy this album, I suggest you do the following:

  • Hang rugs on your wall
  • Hang voile (pink, rich purple and gold) from the ceiling to make a tent like appearance
  • Carefully light a shish or hookah pipe
  • Sprinkle the floor with plump cushions
  • Encourage female guests to dress in accordance with the Western Middle Eastern stereotypical Arabian Nights imagery from the 1970s (or burkahs)
  • Serve Turkish delight, kebabs and kebbdah
  • Marinade overnight with Eastern Promise

Then play this music. You’ll be geographically incorrect, physically and musically, but it’ll help.

Buddah Bar III is an unusual compilation. Nice background stuff, it features works from artists like Oliver Shanti, Manuel Franjo, Nicos and Karunesh. The kind of music that probably emanated from clubs in Thailand during The Beach era of international travel. You know, when young people had more money and lived the travelling dreams their once hippy parents never had? That era that turned into a hedonistic embarrassment to our culture.


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