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Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits (#228)

on January 16, 2015

Brothers in Arms - Dire StraitsBrothers in Arms – Dire Straits

If you’ve never heard songs from this album, you’re either deaf or under 20. Dire Straits are the musical equivalent of CocaCola in that everyone on the planet has probably heard of them or at least one of their songs. Frankly, I never had much time for Dire Straits. Knopfler can play his guitar sure, but it’s the fact they are mostly an English band singing with an American accent that makes them less credible as a band for me.

Still, this album is famous for many firsts, including being the first album available on CD in the UK. It sold over 30 million copies alone. So it’s highly likely you have a copy yourself somewhere. Heck, you might even like it. The only satisfaction I get from this album is that I didn’t pay for it.


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