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Gazeuse! – Gong [#512]

Gong_-_Gazeuse!In true prog fashion, flying teapot hippy group Gong, split and became two entities; Daevid Allen’s Gong (the one responsible for all the pot head pixies) and Pierre Moerlan’s Gong a jazz rock based band.

Gazeuse! is the band’s first album and is very clearly jazz orientated. Unfortunately, due to a “jazz embargo” imposed on Gnomepants Cottage by jazz loathing Mrs Gnomepants, I am unable to bring you much of a detailed  entry today. The only statement I can make is, if jazz is your thing or maybe you liked the theme tunes to late seventies chat shows like Wogan, Russell Harty or Parkinson, this will really float your boat. I’m not that much of a jazz fan, but I occasionally like to dip my toes into the murky cheese sauce that Pierre Moerlan’s Gong produced.

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Flying Teapot: Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1 – Gong [#484]

220px-Gong_Flying_TeapotDave Allen, Steve Hillage and friends float about in a gnome filled teapot with some pot head pixies and a witch.

Back in the nineties when I was experimenting with life, my former acquaintance, Shitbag, introduced me to this album, stating as he did with Pink Floyd’s Animals that the album was rare and not available on CD except to an elite group of music lovers. In fact, he added, the band had floated away with pot head pixies so would never be seen live or in any branch of HMV.

Not only was I able to gather myself a copy of Flying Teapot, but I was also able to gain a copy of the follow-up album, Angel’s Egg using patience and a twenty pound note from the HMV in Church Street Liverpool. I like proving people wrong.

I regret never being able to see Gong live. Flying Teapot is one of those eye opening albums that bring a whole new experience to prog and the band, together with Pink Floyd, held my hand through my musical development into the mid to late nineties. Indeed, whenever I wanted some music to enhance my mood and spiritual yearnings, I’d choose Flying Teapot first, as a result, the album features heavily in my life soundtrack of that time. Which, on reflection, is bizarre when considering the concept behind Flying Teapot draws from Russell’s Teapot idea. Sadly, due to my introduction to darker, goth music, and exploration of new progressive rock, my appreciation of later chapters in the Radio Gnome story was missed. Not helped by frequent cries of “This is a right racket can we turn it off now please”.

Not an album for haters of jazz.

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Compact Jazz: Charlie Parker Plays the Blues [#294]

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 14.56.20 Someone once told me that I should like Jazz. Another person once told me that I should like The  Blues. When asked why, it was explained to me in condescending terms that Blues and Jazz are the base forms of modern popular music.

By following that example, I should like two rocks being rhythmically beaten together or the sound of hollow twigs being blown tunelessly as they are the basis of all music.

Let me tell you, I don’t like jazz that much. I am not fond of the blues. I’d sooner listen to hollow twigs and rocks. But that isn’t me being dismissive. I appreciate Jazz and Blues for their place in music history, but it doesn’t mean that I “should” like them.

This album is in my collection because a hipster friend of mine suggested that I should listen to it so that I could gain a better understanding of how music works and how modern styles owe a great deal to the likes of Charlie Parker and his ilk; a better understanding than that given to me through the means of an A Level in Music History and Appreciation.


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