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It’ll End in Tears – This Mortal Coil [#644]

Gloomy collaborative music by Evo Watts’ music project This Mortal Coil.

Like Mike Oldfield’s Islands this was also part of a x for £xx deal at the Virgin Megastore in Liverpool (now Claus Ohlson). I mourn the passing of record shops and their x for £xx deals, this is not an offer the likes of Amazon, iTunes and their ilk seem to foster. I was drawn to This Mortal Coil and their 1984 album It’ll End in Tears via the 4AD Uncut Compilation CD and David Lynch’s Lost Highway in which the band’s cover of Tim Buckley’s Song of the Siren featured and marked the beginning of me being a little more adventurous with my music choices. However I only became aware of them following the rerelease of the album in the nineties.

Of course, this was in the nineties so music downloading hadn’t really taken off in the UK due to the crapness of internet connectivity but it quickly became a prized item in my music library. Especially as it made me feel that I appeared cultured and with it to my Guardian reading, coffee table book owning friends at the time.

Hipster? moi? Nah my trousers are not corduroy and I don’t own a penny farthing.

Apologies for the break in posts last week, I’m still rebuilding my music library following an IT issue with my iMac, and have just returned from a holiday in Dorset so posts will be a little sporadic for a few weeks. However, please do not feel I’ve abandoned this project or stopped writing, I haven’t. Keep an eye out on my other blog, the Compostual Existentialist over the next few weeks for details of my recent holiday.

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House of Love – House of Love [#593]

The_House_of_Love_(1988).jpgLike most teenagers, I was fortunate enough to be Bez to my old school friend, Mike’s band Jean Pierre O Malley & the Gieger-Muller Tubes. I attended most practice sessions (mostly on the promise of a few pints of beer afterwards) and I accepted that they would do cover versions of songs I didn’t really know.

We did a set of two songs, the Stones’ Paint it Black and the more obscure Christine by the House of Love. We had a slight standing ovation (three people, mostly groupies) and a huge round of applause from all those present. The band then split un-acrimoniously but the strains of Christine resonated around my head for several years after.

Then, one evening, during the Great Internet Download Free-for-All of the mid-noughties I saw that the album House of Love was available for me to download. I immediately put Christine on and relived that night of proto-fame at the Bishop Eton Parish Centre Youth Talent Show 1992.

I have to say though, we were better.

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Doppelgänger – Curve [#387]

Curve_Doppelganger_CoverWhat we have probably learnt from the music project so far is three fold:

  1. I have a lot of music that is rubbish
  2. I have a lot of music that I “should” like
  3. There is a lot of music that I came late to.

This album highlights the third point.

I came to Curve quite late. I’d never heard of them before 2004 but apparently they had been around for many years. Formed in 1990, the band falls under the Shoegazing, dream pop, alternative rock genres.

It’s the unique sound of Curve I like. The haunting ghostly etheric singing with the wide echoing on the guitar. It reminds me of the out of tune radio one might hear on very late night car journeys.  Awesome stuff but I no longer have the lifestyle where I can listen to the same music over and over again without people (bosses/wives/doctors) complaining that important things (work/playing with cats/hearing) are more important than sitting there with headphones on all day.

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Album #67 – Among My Swan – Mazzy Star

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 14.54.23 Among My Swan – Mazzy Star

At school I was known as Mazzy S by some of my colleagues. Never really asked why. I just accepted it and moved on.

One day someone said “Ah Mazzy S, like Mazzy Star”. I queried them and they explained that Mazzy Star was a band. I asked if they were progressive rock and got told that they weren’t. So there ended my interest in them.

Spin forward a few years and Mrs-Soon-to-Be-Ex-Gnomepants mentioned that she liked a few songs by Mazzy Star. So here was my chance to find out what they were like.

Imagine being really depressed. At that depressed level where you are sat in a bar on your own staring at your shoes and wishing the world was a nicer place. Then imagine the bar owner getting really upset at you not buying any drinks and to get out of the place as he doesn’t open for another five hours or so.

Well Mazzy Star is like that.

Cold. Uncaring and shoegazery. I am not a hipster.

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