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#151 – The Best Air Guitar Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists

The Best Air Guitar Album in the World...Ever - Various Artists The Best Air Guitar Album in the World…Ever – Various Artists

This is every Dad’s favourite compilation from the nineties and noughties. Glove boxes throughout the UK had a copy of this album in it and jukeboxes in dodgy pubs were required by law to have this album also.

As much a part of pre-MP3 music culture as Tubular Bells, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and other coffee table albums, The Best Air Guitar Album in the World…Ever is one of those compilations that seem to be in every collection. It’s not hard to see why. All the traditionally popular bands are here; Queen, Def Leppard, Skynyrd and Blur but there are also bands and songs that are missing – Stiltskin’s Inside and Mountain’s Nantucket Sleighride for example, surely two of the most prolific air guitar riffs ever? Also there are some bands whose inclusion seems to only be to hook the younger generation in, Blur and Robbie Williams for example.

Still as compilations go, this is one of the better more agreeable ones.

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#128 – BBC Sessions – The Who

BBC Sessions - The WhoBBC Sessions – The Who
Roger Daltrey and his mates perform a variety of their hits on the radio during their peak then release this album some decades later in an effort to boost their pensions.

Most of the classics and favourites are here as are some covers and alternate versions. Missing is Pinball Wizard.

No idea why I have it. Possibly I downloaded it when going through a phase. Or possibly I got it for or from a friend.


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