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#129 – BBC Sessions 1975-1978 – Renaissance

Renaissance - BBC Sessions BBC Sessions 1975 – 1978 – Renaissance

The third and final BBC sessions album in my collection. This time, Renaissance step up to the microphone.

We’ve seen Annie Haslam and her pals on this project before. This album highlights how popular Renaissance were at their time. Which only adds to the confusion as to why I had never heard of them until I was in my 30s. It was as if they never received any radio airtime during the 80s and 90s to wipe them from collective consciousness.

This is possibly my second favourite Renaissance compilation album. It’s a good showcase of the wide range of talent and output of the band especially to new listeners.

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#128 – BBC Sessions – The Who

BBC Sessions - The WhoBBC Sessions – The Who
Roger Daltrey and his mates perform a variety of their hits on the radio during their peak then release this album some decades later in an effort to boost their pensions.

Most of the classics and favourites are here as are some covers and alternate versions. Missing is Pinball Wizard.

No idea why I have it. Possibly I downloaded it when going through a phase. Or possibly I got it for or from a friend.


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BBC Live – Fields of the Nephilim [#127]

Fields of the NephilimBBC Live Sessions – Fields of the Nephilim

I came to Goth quite late although I was a fan of Strawberry Switchblade when they came out in the early eighties. FON was my late introduction to the Goth genre arriving in my mid to late 20s.

Ginger Chris, a goth friend who dressed in black and sported a fine set of natty dreads, insisted that the best band in the world was Fields of Nephilim and that no Goth would be accepted into the fold without a prior love or experience of Fields of the Nephilim.

So he gave me a cassette with some of their music on.

During a very very dark period of my mid twenties, I broke out the cassette and lowered myself on the express elevator into darkness through the medium of Fields of Nephilim. The compilation tape had all manner of songs on it and many I enjoyed.

When the internet, free downloads and USENET arrived, I immediately took it upon myself to get as much FON as I could. This is the first in the 19 albums I’ve managed to obtain over the years.

More of a bootleg than an official album, this appears to be a fan recording of five songs as performed on the BBC sometime. Possibly in the 1990s. Tracks include: Endemonadia, Love Under Will, Moonchild, Bluewater and Chord of Souls.

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