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Album #70 = And She closed Her Eyes – Stina Nordenstam

on July 11, 2014

STINAAnd She Closed Her Eyes – Stina Nordenstam


This is, apparently, a genre called New Weird America. Or so I’m told. By hipsters.

I am officially cool. I’m okay with this album. I don’t like it. I don’t hate it. I’m okay with it. That, and looking aloof, makes me cool.

However, because I don’t wear stupid hats, half mast trousers or half of a scrap metal yard in my ear, ironically, I’m not a hipster. Nor would I want to be.

The soft mellow jazzesque notes, bizarre child like and haunting tones of Ms Nordenstam and the simple repetitive melodies  make this like a soft tickly aural touch to your ears, similar to a light soft feathery touch you might have on your skin during some semi-somnambulistic sexiness.

One step away from a soul patch and a beret. Not too bad.



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