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Faces in the Rocks – Mariee Sioux [#452]

UnknownThe New Weird America (NWA) genre is relatively new to me following being introduced to the wonders of Marissa Nadler by a hipster friend of mine.

It’s easy to trace the allure of NWA from the likes of shoe gazing acts such as Mazzy Star and Talula Gosh to the more recent folksyisation of the shoe gazing genre by the likes of First Aid Kit and the weirding out of the sound by acts like Joanna Newsome. So it is no surprise, with all such acts appearing in the music project, that acts falling into the pigeon hole of NWA would appear too.

Mariee Sioux uses native American Indian influences to present her own unusual hauntological soundscape of wistful longing and sorrow, garnished with nature and laced with bitter resentment for wrongs committed by humans against humans, atypical of psychedelic folk.


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Courtesy of Choice – Leila [#316]

Courtesy of choice - Leila_-_COCThis album was turned up by a trawl of music newsgroups when looking for artists classified on as “New Weird America”.

For a start, Leila is Iranian. Secondly, she’s not American. However she is weird. This is the kind of avant garde nonsense you chaps with the half mast trousers and trendy beard might want to play when trying to come across as quirky.

Seriously though, this is Leila’s “difficult second album”. It shows. Every second is difficult to listen to.


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#121- Ballads of Living and Dying – Marissa Nadler

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 18.19.42Ballads of Living and Dying – Marissa Nadler

More New Weird America. Marissa Nadler haunts you with this album from 2005.

Now my hipster friend is convinced that he told me about Marissa Nadler. He’s described in great detail the time he told me about her. Even down to the shirt I was wearing at the time he told me.

Considering I wear black most days, that’s not hard to guess.

Of course, it might be that he told me about her. Which is why I’m not a hipster and he is. Even down to the half mast trousers, stupid beard and stupid shoes.

But I digress.

Nadler has a very haunting voice and seems to like using twiddly acoustic guitars. This is not a bad album.

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Album #70 = And She closed Her Eyes – Stina Nordenstam

STINAAnd She Closed Her Eyes – Stina Nordenstam


This is, apparently, a genre called New Weird America. Or so I’m told. By hipsters.

I am officially cool. I’m okay with this album. I don’t like it. I don’t hate it. I’m okay with it. That, and looking aloof, makes me cool.

However, because I don’t wear stupid hats, half mast trousers or half of a scrap metal yard in my ear, ironically, I’m not a hipster. Nor would I want to be.

The soft mellow jazzesque notes, bizarre child like and haunting tones of Ms Nordenstam and the simple repetitive melodies  make this like a soft tickly aural touch to your ears, similar to a light soft feathery touch you might have on your skin during some semi-somnambulistic sexiness.

One step away from a soul patch and a beret. Not too bad.


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