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Album #80 – Apartment Life – Ivy

on July 21, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 14.43.39Apartment Life – Ivy

New Yorker lounge core artists smooth their way into your ears with strained yogurt tones and creamy caramel vocals. Ivy are like aurally sucking on a really strong mint with a eucalyptus coating while sexy ladies blow cold air into your ear.

I was introduced to Ivy by who frequently made them pop up on my recommended radio station. And it’s a good job because I really like them.

Another one of those bands that, in days before internet, would have been difficult to obtain in the UK.  However, a good deal of Ibizan DJs have mixed Ivy’s stuff into their own dreamy summer flavoured lounge mixes, which is probably because Ivy do a really good job of making you feel that it is summer.

A fairly good album for a first, but not my first taste of Ivy (that was Long Distance)I often wish somebody would ask me to travel to the USA to be part of a band or copy writing group like they did with the lead singer of Ivy.



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