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In the Clear – Ivy [#626]

IntheclearTess Don’t Tell was the first song I ever heard from this, Ivy’s fifth studio album. I forget where it was but suspect that it was on a random “Music you might like” playlist from the earlier days of Last.FM before it was bought by Spotify and ruined.  Of course having a band name like Ivy meant having to use hardcore advanced Googlefu so that Ivy, the American band, came up in searches instead of what other monstrosities came up instead.

Ivy’s sound is a familiar one, haunting female vocals over lackadaisical rhythm and melody that just says LAZY SUMMER’S DAY in huge invisible letters. They’ve been sampled in Europe and were quite popular in parts of North America and Canada for a while. Sadly, as with many non-British bands, the licencing laws and promotion of such bands in the UK mean that few people here have heard of them except perhaps in the occasional American TV show or film.

Which is a great shame.

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Album #80 – Apartment Life – Ivy

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 14.43.39Apartment Life – Ivy

New Yorker lounge core artists smooth their way into your ears with strained yogurt tones and creamy caramel vocals. Ivy are like aurally sucking on a really strong mint with a eucalyptus coating while sexy ladies blow cold air into your ear.

I was introduced to Ivy by who frequently made them pop up on my recommended radio station. And it’s a good job because I really like them.

Another one of those bands that, in days before internet, would have been difficult to obtain in the UK.  However, a good deal of Ibizan DJs have mixed Ivy’s stuff into their own dreamy summer flavoured lounge mixes, which is probably because Ivy do a really good job of making you feel that it is summer.

A fairly good album for a first, but not my first taste of Ivy (that was Long Distance)I often wish somebody would ask me to travel to the USA to be part of a band or copy writing group like they did with the lead singer of Ivy.


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