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Album #89 – Artificial Heart – Jonathan Coulton

on July 30, 2014

220px-Artificialheart-loresArtificial Heart – Jonathan Coulton

All the cool kids know Jonathan Coulton. If you know Jonathan Coulton, you’re cool. You’re hip. You need to wear a beret, smoke Lucky Strike, grow a soul patch and look aloof immediately.  Of course, I’m not a hipster. That makes me cooler than hipsters. Especially as I don’t think Coulton is all that special. So what do I know?

Artificial Heart is an ideal starting place for introductions to Coulton’s clever lyrics and interesting music. Of course, you, like me, may have already stumbled across Coulton after completing Portal. Unfortunately, perhaps because of my lack of American heritage, I think there are a lot of higher quality song writers out there with much snappier and clever lyrics doing a much better job than Coulton. Half Man Half Biscuit, Jay Foreman, Amanda Palmer and Jason Webbley come to mind. But that is not to say I dislike his work. There are some good songs and observations in his works, but there needs to be some consistency.

Of course, as I said, I’m not a hipster (which automatically makes me cooler than any hipster ever) so what do I know?


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