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Album #90 – Artificial Paradise – Sylvan

on July 31, 2014

Sylvan_-_Artificial_ParadiseArtificial Paradise – Sylvan

No idea where I got this album from. They sound like a cross between Knucklecock Nickleback and Scream Silence but not as offensive to the ears as you might think.

Sylvan are a German Progressive rock band. People that know me know I like prog. I am a semi-self styled “expert” on the genre. Which, if you know what the word “expert” means you’ll know that means I know absolutely nothing about the subject really.

As with all good prog rockers, Artificial Paradise is a concept album covering concepts such as the greed, deceitfulness and superficiality of society.

Another artist that grows on you like a fungal infection. But unfortunately they have all the stage presence of a group of roadies doing a soundcheck.


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