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Album # 91 – As Day Follows Night – Sarah Blasko

on August 1, 2014

220px-AsdayfollowsnightAs Day Follows Night – Sarah Blasko

I first heard Sarah Blasko on that bastion of non-music radio, BBC Radio 4, while driving somewhere. I made a mental note and later that evening I was the obtainer of all Ms Blasko’s works. By the end of the week, I was smitten.

As an introduction to Sarah Blasko, As Day Follows Night is a good place to start. All the tracks are catchy and simple which, I think, is what makes a good musician. You knock together your lyrics (a bit like my crap poetry), get your instrument of choice out (kazoo, flute, sackbut) and then start strumming, tooting or bashing out a melody that fits with the emotion and message behind your lyrics. Something I think Sarah does very well.

Kind of folky, but not with unique, Antipodean melodies As Day Follows Night covers topics as diverse as broken hearts, confused parentage and neurosis. In fact, it did so well the album won a number of prestigious awards catapulting Blasko to the global stage. Except, of course, in the highly controlled music scene in the UK.


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