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Black Celebration – Depeche Mode [#192]

on November 24, 2014

Black Celebration - Depeche ModeBlack Celebration – Depeche Mode

This is where Depeche Mode tries to turn synth pop into some dark S&M fetish club. And it works. Later albums do it even better but this is possibly the first in their catalogue that does it. It is Depeche Mode’s fifth studio album. It succeeds in being dark by ripping the band from their poppy beginnings, like some Vince Clarke exorcism has taken place and summoned some sort of sexy winged pain mistress through a doorway to hell. To feast on your soul.

This album is delicious. It’s like licking dark chocolate off the boots of Lilith Silver. Because she tells you to.  A great album to begin a teenager’s journey into gothdom.



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