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Black Forest Gateau – Neu! (#193)

on November 25, 2014

Black Forest Gateau - NeuBlack Forest Gateau – Neu!

What I loved about the nineties and the noughties was how I’d rediscover old bands that had been around for ages but I hadn’t heard of them. Like Greenslade. Or Renaissance.

Neu was one such band. My dear friend Jamie downloaded this one rainy evening. I’d gone round to visit, possibly to talk computers or swap software or something. He played the album to me and I was immediately besotted with it. Simple yet out of their time melodies. No singing. Just electronic music. Think Kraftwerk without weirdness.

Of course it later became harder for me to source music like this without someone to bounce CDs off. When Jamie moved away from Liverpool and returned to Preston, new music like this in my life also started to dry up. I became too stuck on one genre.

Still, this is good stuff. The kind of music I’d like to listen to high on morphine while flying through the skies in the air ambulance. Or on a rocket. Or UFO.

Or squirrel.



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