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Brain Salad Surgery – Emerson Lake Palmer (#219)

on December 20, 2014

Brain Salad Surgery - Emmerson Lake PalmerBrain Salad Surgery – Emerson Lake Palmer

The HR Giger album cover should be a warning to the weird bumph this album is. Seriously.

At the height of the Progressive Rock era three men stood astride the continents with their music. Keith Emerson (keyboards), Greg Lake (bass guitar, vocals, guitar) and Carl Palmer (drums, percussion). Some called them the kings of prog. Others, including the late John Peel, called them “a waste of time, talent and electricity”.

I think, during my life, I must have had a stroke. A stroke that has wiped my memory. I think I actually used to like this album but then recently, for the purpose of this Music Project, I listened to the album again and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t recognise any of the tracks on it. Oh, apart from Jerusalem and the beginning of Karn Evil 9. It’s like I’ve never heard this album ever. As I type it’s playing and even in a week of King Crimson, I have no recollection of ever hearing half of it before.

Dear God. This is really a racket. I doubt I will ever want to listen to this bollocks again. It isn’t progressive. It’s regressive. John Peel was right.


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