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Breakfast in America – Supertramp (#220)

on December 23, 2014

Breakfast in America - SupertrampBreakfast in America – Supertramp

 This album takes me back to my father’s office, filled with his diving treasures, a fascinating roll- top desk my mother later worked at (with an old cheque book in pounds shillings and pence in the drawer) and his drawing table where he would draft out plans.  Oh, and the hi-fi, a futuristic silver thing that played my favourites on a Saturday morning when I wasn’t listening to Junior Choice with Tony Blackburn and Arnold the dog (woof woof) on the radio.

I wasn’t sure how much of this I was going to remember after 30 years.  I didn’t keep listening to this after my parents split, preferring ‘Even in the quietest moments’ (my all-time favourite album).  However having listened to ‘Crime of the century’ a lot at work recently it’s been nice to get back into my Supertramp groove and listen to stuff I know but not so well that I know exactly every note. Like all Supertramp it benefits from that big-budget production feel, and lots of the distinctive Wurlitzer sound. This is also probably the cleverest, most playful and distinctive of their album covers.  At least now I understand when they sing the line ‘not much of a girlfriend, I never seem to get a lot’…

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