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Bridge of Spies – T’Pau (#221)

on December 24, 2014

TpauBridgeOfSpiesBridge of Spies – T’Pau (#219)

T’Pau. Well there’s a band that disappeared up their own arse. Shropshire based pop rockers T’Pau (yeah yeah, Star Trek connotations) cobbled this album together and launched their career with it in the 1980’s.

This album has their “hits” Heart & Soul and China in Your Hands and a few other songs on it but really people only bought this for one of two reasons: a) they fancied Carol Decker or b) they liked  Heart & Soul and China in Your Hands. 

It’s a mystery why I have this album in my collection. I don’t recall buying it or downloading it nor do I recall the ex-missis being much of a fan. I suspect I “inherited” it on a hard drive or something.

Listening to the album in its entirety just reinforces the concept that this band’ll never amount to much. The final insult I suppose is that the album is still available from the £4.99 stig bin in HMV…Still, it won’t stop them releasing a new album in 2015 will it?


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