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Bridge over troubled waters – Simon and Garfunkel (#222)

on January 5, 2015

Bridge over Troubled Water - Simon & GarfunkelBridge over troubled waters – Simon and Garfunkel

In one of those odd little moments of synchronicity the day my beloved asked me to write about this it was mentioned in a book I was reading ‘the unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ where a bridge by a West Country pub is credited with being the inspiration behind the name. This may not be true, but Paul Simon is well known for his affection for England (and his English girlfriend who couldn’t face life in the limelight).

Another childhood favourite, it conjures up two very specific memories every time I hear particular songs.  Cecilia and I’m laying on the carpet listening to my father playing it to my older cousin Jamie downstairs, El condore pasa and I am 11 years old listening to it on my first Walkman on the lower bunk in a small room in a hotel in Italy. This album, older than I am, is woven into the soundtrack of my life. Who can’t instantly sing the iconic title track? Even if you don’t know the names of them you’ll know the songs (I’m looking at my beloved here who didn’t know the title of The Boxer). Lots of nods to traditional music and the journey we all make in the different stages of life.

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  1. […] Regardless of what my wife thinks of Paul Simon and the hirsute Art Garfunkel, I’ve never really gotten on well with the pair. I was forced up with Mrs Robinson as part of my life soundtrack in the 1970s, and, since establishing firm musical boundaries between myself and my parents, I have distanced myself from the artists known as Simon & Garfunkel. Sneering contemptuously whenever their musical prowess or influence is mentioned. […]

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