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Camel – Camel (#239)

on January 30, 2015

Camel - Camel

Camel – Camel

In the 1970s, Andy Latimer and Pete Bardens got together in a studio and started releasing music under the name Camel, this is Camel’s first studio release.

Though more known for their second studio release, Mirage, it is easy to hear how the style would evolve from this album to the standard apparent in later works. Therefore, if you’re hoping for Decca era quality, you might be a bit disappointed as this is like Camel’s A level entry before their graduating degree level works like Mirage and Snow Goose.

I’d never heard of Camel before Bill Bailey’s documentary on prog rock in the noughties. But keen to grow and develop my taste in prog, I was quick to obtain as many albums by the band that I could get my grubby mitts on. While not a great place to start off your educative excursion into Progdom, Camel is certainly an album that should be on your list somewhere.


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