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Camembert Electrique – Gong (#240)

on February 2, 2015

Camembert Electrique -- GONG Camembert Electrique – Gong

What more can one say about Gong? French weirdos play odd music about gnomes, pixies and floaty things of all varieties. Heavily drug influenced. Far out.

Camembert Electrique is an early release for the band  coming out shortly before Radio Gnome Invisible: Flying Teapot yet still the seeds of development are clearly audible.

To fully appreciate Gong, you need to:

1 – Do something made with magic mushrooms or cannabis.

2 – Sit in a room decked with hand made rag rug carpets and Roger Dean drawings.

3 – Wear a kaftan and grow a beard.

4 – Listen to this


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