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Carnival of Souls – Miranda Sex Garden [#247]

on February 11, 2015


Carnival of Souls – Miranda Sex Garden

Longer term readers will already know, I came to the goth scene quite late. I’d heard about Miranda Sex Garden in rumours and whispers, so when I came across their entire back catalogue I was overjoyed.

Imagine my surprise, when during research into the band back in the noughties, I found out they reformed later on as the Mediaeval Baebes, a band I already really liked.

I’ve always found things like that. I like a band then later find out they’re connected to another band. It’s like the Tubes and Chris Isaak or Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil. Connected, just like Miranda Sex Garden and Mediaeval Baebes.

Anyway, this is MSG’s final album. Mature goth with the seeds of Mediaeval core music, very much akin to early Dead Can Dance only with three madrigal singers. Did I also mention I like madrigals? Wibbly wobbly distorted guitars, haunting breathless etheric singing and dream like discordance. A perfect mix. No idea why I don’t listen to them more often.


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  1. elizabethblacktreacle says:

    Good grief, I had no idea the Medieval Baebes had any connection with Miranda Sex Garden, either!

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