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Castlefest 2011 – Various Artists [#252]

on February 19, 2015

CastlefestCastlefest 2011 – Various Artists

If you didn’t already know, Castlefest is a mediaeval fantasy festival held annually in the Netherlands. I’ve wanted to go for years. We don’t have stuff like Castlefest in the UK., though I suppose the closest thing to Castlefest in the UK is Fellfoot Woods which I’d also like to go to one day. However, I’m now getting old and festivals equate to the darkest recesses of horror. It’s also in the Netherlands and that’s miles away. So it’s very unlikely that it will become a reality.

A number of artists appearing in this music project have also appeared at Castlefest; Sieben, Faun, Omnia to name but a few. This album is a selection of songs from the line up at the 2011 Castlefest including:

Song title:
Free Omnia
Fjarilar Leaf
We Wait For Them Sieben
Oberon Und Titania Omdulo
Jan Mijne Man Nuraghi
Los Ojos de la Mora Irfan
Linaun Dance Iliana
Jigtime Kelten Zonder Grenzen
De Mundi Statu Corvus Corax
Judged By Euzen
Hymn to Pan Faun
Roots Aero Fragment
Grone Lunden Omnia Poetree
Sjon Valravn
Horizon Vic Anselmo
Berliner Pflanze Berlinskibeat


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