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Chris Isaak – Chris Isaak (#269)

on March 10, 2015

Chris IsaakChris Isaak – Chris Isaak

Back in the nineties, Chris Isaak’s song Blue Hotel stormed the UK charts quickly followed by his hit Wicked Game which had appeared in some film or other. Isaak mania hit Britain like a soggy clump of wet tissues.

Mike Regan, good old school friend of mine, once said to me: “Hey Ste, this Chris Isaak is alright isn’t he?”. I had to agree. There then followed a trip to the Royal Court in Liverpool to see Chris Isaak. Live. In the flesh. WOW!

There he was, looking all sweaty on the stage. I was near the front. Mid-way through Heat of the Jungle Isaak swigged from a bottle of water on the stage and spat it into the air back over himself to cool himself down. Being close to the front I got a nice wash from Mr Isaac’s spittle laden self-fountain. I’ll always remember, I bet he doesn’t.

Anyway, Chris Isaak went on to be another artist who had a major influence on my life. From the pre-post-adolescent angst of failed relationships and sitting about in parks, unemployed, gazing wistfully at young couples engaged in petting through to the period of life where I suddenly start wearing black, being miserable and all mystically new agey, Isaak was there. Being cool. Being musically excellent.

Even to this day, Isaak still puts out a good tune and every time I listen to one of his albums I am immediately transported back to the early 1990s. Every time I hear his music I’m dancing about imagining I’m all Chris Isaaky, curling my lip Elvisly and air guitaring like a maniac.

Curiously, I later found out that some of Isaak’s support musicians were musicians for another band that I liked yet to feature on this project, The Tubes, showing that weird connectivity I’m trying to prove with this project, that all my core music likes have some sort of tenuous connection.



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