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Chronophagie – Lasry-Baschett (#273)

on March 14, 2015

ChoronphagieChronophagie – Lasry-Baschet

British people over the age of 35 might recall a daytime television programme of their youth known as Picture Box.

The theme is Maneche by Jacques Lasry. Jacques Lasry was the  composer for an instrument known as the Cristal Baschet, a peculiar instrument resembling a sculpture designed and invented by the Baschet Brothers, François and Bernard.

This is a Cristal Baschet

Picture of a Cristal Baschet courtesy of Wikipedia

A Cristal Baschet


There, don’t say this project isn’t educational.

So, the Baschet brothers and Jacques Lasry and his missis Yvonne, used to tour the world with instruments like this playing at concerts and on TV. They became an avant-garde act and released a number of album soundscapes.

This isn’t the sort of music you might find yourself dancing around your boudoir to, nor is it the sort of music you might have playing while entertaining dinner guests. This is the kind of music you might put on while wearing a beret, a pipe and some slippers together with a corduroy beard and  a nice pair of sensible trousers. The kind of music you might listen to while leaning on the mantle piece of your home thoughtfully stroke your beard trying your best to look like a) you enjoy the music and b) you’re some sort of academic on the subject.




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