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Chronometree – Glass Hammer [#272]

on March 13, 2015

440px-ChronometreeChronometree – Glass Hammer

Prog. More prog.

Some claim that punk killed prog with a nasty kick in the chuff back in the late 1970s. However it didn’t die, it crawled towards the back of people’s music collections and lay there. Regenerating.


Then along came the prog renaissance of the mid to late nineties. Bands like Queensryche and artists like Ayreon (aka Arjen Lucassen, who guest plays on this album) began chucking out concept albums while bands like Yes, Rush, Camel and Hawkwind reappeared, reignited and reenergised. Fuelled by growing interest from new audiences and the growing incomes of original fans. But, of course, with new fans come new bands and Glass Hammer is what prog became.

Chronometree is Glass Hammer’s fourth studio album. It is a concept album about a guy called Tom, who becomes convinced that aliens are trying to communicate to him through his albums. Which is what happens when you listen to too much prog and enjoy the odd spliff now and then.


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