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Dark Side – Gregorian [#337]

on June 19, 2015

Gregorian_-_The_Dark_SideSpooky hooded monks chanting menacing songs is a nightmare for most people. For others, finding this album lurking about on the bargain bucket of the internet was just the best thing ever. Problem is, with few people to share it with, the amusement is self contained.

I’ve mentioned Gregorian before on the music project but not on their own. At the height of the 90’s fascination with Gregorian chant thanks to Enigma, German music producer and one time Enigma member, Frank Peterson, formed the band Gregorian, comprising
mostly of men in hoods, and did to popular music what James Last and Geoff Love did to classical music.

Dark Side is a unique album in that all the songs are “dark” in some way or other whereas Gregorian’s other work Masters of Chant are not so dark. Just silly. If, for what ever reason, be it medicinal, torture or freewill, you choose to embark on an aural journey beginning with Gregorian, then this is probably the best album to start with. The others are bobbins. Dark Side features covers of Sisters of Mercy, Aphrodite’s Child and even Kylie Minogue.


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  1. […] Yes, this is a women’s choir from Belgium singing pop songs. Not just ordinary pop songs, pop songs with attitude. RHCP’s Under the Bridge, Depeche Mode‘s Dream On, even Rammstein‘s Engel are given the Scala treatment; kind of the school choir version of Gregorian. […]

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